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Case Studies

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A Lightweight turbine Enclosure.
Lightweight Turbine Enclosure

Located in Houston Texas, GE Aero Energy is a service provider and producer for aero-derivative turbines with marine and commercial applications. “With a tradition built on the world’s most trusted jet engines, GE’s aeroderivative gas turbines offer power output ranging from 18 to 100 MW and the ability to utilize a variety of fuels, from fast starts...

A logging truck driving down a dusty road.
The Cinch

The Cinch is an air-powered tensioner, developed by Traction Technologies, that greatly improves the safe securement of loads on commercial vehicles. It works by constantly maintaining tension in the straps used to secure cargo such as finished lumber, logs and other compliant types of freight. Cargo securement regulations require drivers...

Thermal reactors.
Thermal Reactor

Our client had developed a proprietary biomass thermal reactor designed for large scale production of renewable pipeline grade natural gas. Forestry waste product is used as the primary fuel and converted to natural gas through a thermochemical process. In order to be deemed fit for service, the design was required to be analysed per Section XIII Div 2 of the...

A semi truck driving down the road.
Rear Impact Guard

Rear impact guards are an important safety device on large commercial vehicles and trailers. Indeed they are a device in that they are designed to absorb the energy of a rear impact with a smaller vehicle while deforming permanently in the process - much like the crumple zone of a vehicle - and in doing so help reduce risk of injury...

A sheet roll lift bar.
Sheet Roll Lift Bar

Our client produces various styles of storage containers primarily used in the oil and gas industry. The majority of their products are manufactured and assembled in-house. In most cases moving the product around on the shop floor requires the use of specialized heavy equipment. Large sheet metal rolls are required to be moved from storage...