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We regularly work with clients from a diverse range of industries and are accustomed to working to different industry standards, practices and timelines:
Oil and Gas, Research and Development, Mining, Marine, Aerospace, Manufacturing, Forestry, Clean Energy, Material Handling Equipment.

Our cross-industry focus allows us to grow and take advantage of a variety of experiences that collectively offers a broad range of skill sets. For all sectors served, our EPFM division is ready to serve you to assist and manage the fabrication and delivery of your project – on budget and on time.

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Oil and Gas

We have gained ample experience servicing the oil and gas sector primarily in the design and fabrication support of storage tanks and pressure vessels. The majority of our work in this field conforms to the various API codes (12F, 650 and 620) as well as ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Section XIII. In addition to storage and pressure vessels, we have helped to develop many custom storage and process equipment designs some quite novel to the industry.

Research and Development

We have brought our own products and designs to market as well as helped new start-ups and existing companies do the same. Our 3D based CAD environment supports the development of designs from early stage concepts through to production and our clients benefit greatly from the various integrated tools we use such as FEA and CFD analysis (link), motion simulation, parametric design, and linked drawings to name a few. We understand the challenges involved in developing new concepts or improving upon existing ones. We not only can provide services that forward the fundamental design development but we are also very familiar with various funding options that we can assist with as well such as IRAP and SRED.


Our interior BC location puts us at an advantage to service the mining industry being surrounded by several active and successful mining operations. Our capabilities can help to develop more reliable and robust equipment, improve mill equipment maintenance and plant layout, and deduce root cause failures followed by design improvement and optimization recommendations.

A mining truck.


We have had the opportunity to work on several marine-related projects in various capacities. We are familiar with DNV code requirements and have used the suite of our design tools to service our clients including FEA structural analysis and CFD fluid flow analysis.


We are able to apply our experience in plant equipment and process design to the aerospace industry. Using our design and manufacturing experience combined with our 3D CAD and simulation tools, we continue to aim to work closely with our clients to develop designs and products that may be subject to stringent standards and performance criteria. We are proud to be a part of BC’s growing aerospace sector.

An airplane assembly plant.


We work directly with many local and regional fabrication and machine shops. The types of projects vary from internal projects, such as tooling and equipment design to external projects where additional resources are required beyond what the clients have available in-house. Sometimes those projects require more of an engineering focus, other times they are simply driven by overcapacity and require additional design and drafting resources. We understand how things are built and can apply that experience to inform future designs that help to optimize the fabrication process.


We understand heavy equipment and have helped develop various custom equipment designs for the forestry industry. These have included field equipment such as rollover protection, mill process equipment and plant access maintenance structures. We can meet the unique challenges that forestry equipment must withstand with robust and effective design.

Clean Energy

We have assisted in the development of several new technologies for the clean energy market. Typically these are research and development projects either in their early conceptual stages or later in the design cycle where optimization and performance validation is the focus. No matter what energy technology is developed, it must contend with more well-established energy generating means and that means cost-effective designs that ensure optimum operational efficiency are key – we understand this and can help our clients ensure these principles are met.

Material Handling Equipment

Product and material handling is an important stand-alone category as it is a fundamental necessity for many plant operations across many industries. We have developed custom solutions to some challenging applications. Hopper systems, bucket elevators, conveying systems – these are some examples of equipment that we have designed and provided engineering support for during fabrication and commissioning.