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Our Services

We are leaders in providing innovative, quality services which include:
Mechanical Design, Drafting & Drawing, Analysis & Simulation, & EPFM.


Mechanical Design

We offer a complete range of mechanical design services. We have experience working on both consumer product design and industrial product design projects on small and large scales. Some of our clients require design services for products that are marketed to the general public, other clients require design assistance with products or solutions used exclusively in-house. Innovex offers a suite of design services to support our client needs.

Design for Manufacture

Innovex specializes in working closely with manufacturers and product designers to ensure that designs are both created and documented with manufacturing in mind. In some cases clients have a design created but require assistance having their design manufactured or perhaps in reducing their manufacturing costs.

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Production Support Tools

The design and build of equipment that supports production, such as material handling conveyance, product flow gates, fixtures and tooling are a few examples of the types of project work we have had the opportunity to manage.

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Plant & Process Equipment

Using 3D modeling tools Innovex has helped several clients with both plant layouts and process design. Our design tools make it possible to optimize plant/process equipment and locations to maximize performance, maximize efficiency and reduce cost.

Product Storage: API and ASME Vessels

Innovex works closely with various manufacturers on the design of storage vessels which conform to industry codes, primarily either API (American Petroleum Institute) or ASME (American Society of Manufacturing Engineers). We have experience working with API 12F, 620 and 650 as well as all three divisions of the ASME Pressure Vessel and Boiler Code.


Drafting & Drawing

We tailor our drafting and drawing services to suit our clients’ needs. We specialize in providing drawings created from 3D CAD data that allow us to show precisely the information and level of detail required by the client and appropriate for the task. The range of information required varies from a high level general arrangement drawing to a complete set of fabrication drawings.

Fabrication Drawings

Innovex understands the need for clear and concise drawings on the shop floor. More importantly, we know how to produce those drawings in order to convey all the necessary information in a clear format. Our 3D modeling approach gives us the ability to provide detail that is difficult to produce using 2D.

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General Arrangement / Conceptual / Layout / P&ID Drawings

There are many examples of other drawing types that Innovex produces for our clients. For example, sometimes design intent needs to be conveyed in a general arrangement drawing for a particular certification.

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Analysis & Simulation

We offer expertise in many forms of analysis and simulation. We provide clients with a complete range of services that can vary from simple stress analysis using hand calculations to complete finite element (FEA) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analyses using engineering software. We also provide engineering analysis of products and designs as they relate to industry codes. We can also apply our tools and experience to make design changes and improvements through failure analysis.

Thermal Analysis

Through thermal analysis and simulation Innovex can help clients determine how their design or product is going to be influenced by the effect of temperature change.

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Stress Analysis & FEA Simulation

Stress analysis is done in some form on most projects that Innovex works on. The stress found in a component or design is typically caused by many factors that need to be considered when deciding if a design is safe, efficient, and cost effective. Innovex uses both traditional and modern, sophisticated tools for performing stress analysis.

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Fluid Flow Analysis & CFD Simulations

Innovex has worked with clients on various fluid flow problems, primarily related to air and water flow. These analyses are often also related to thermal analysis. The design implications of fluid flow are extensive and often unpredictable without the use of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation software.

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Code Compliance

Many projects today need to conform to industry codes. Any design used in a work place setting needs to conform to the applicable occupational health and safety codes. There are often industry specific codes that need to be met as well, such as codes set out by the American Petroleum Institute (API) or the American Society of Manufacturing Engineers (ASME).

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Lifting Certification

Most building codes as well as company procedures require that devices used for lifting be certified by a professional engineer. Regardless of the complexity of the design or analysis required, Innovex has the tools and experience to perform these reviews and certifications.

Failure Analysis

Using Innovex’s design and simulation tools we can not only verify the cause of a known failure, but simulate design changes and improvements. Working with numerous clients we have drastically reduced the cost of prototyping and the time to market of new designs as well design changes.

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Pressure Vessel Design

Innovex works with several clients on the design of their pressure vessels. The requirements for pressure vessel design are laid out in the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code. In this code, Section VIII (Rules for Construction of Pressure Vessels) is broken into three divisions, each of which have different requirements regarding applications, design and required analysis.

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EPFM - Engineering, Procurement & Fabrication Management

When you need professional management of a complex project, Innovex EPFM division is ready to apply our years of experience in engineering, procurement and fabrication to that challenge and deliver exactly what you need:

Innovex EPFM excels at supporting OEM’s and industrial project developers with complete Fabrication Management services - please contact us for more details and we'll put together a project specific outline, presentation and quote for your project.