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Areas of ExpertiseFluid Dynamics

Fluid behaviour involves many complex physical mechanisms. Innovex uses Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software to analyze multifaceted flow performance. Our powerful CFD software embeds seamlessly with our CAD environment which allows us to quickly prepare your models, run simulations and generate detailed flow results. The benefits of applying flow simulation to your design include:

Investigating your designs and flow patterns through efficient simulation software is both cost and time-effective. We can provide accurate depictions of how a design will behave and give you the ability to alter critical design features in order to achieve your intended goal – all without having to incur expensive prototype and testing costs.

Detailed Flow Simulation Capabilities

CFD allows us to provide our clients with a complete analysis of flow behavior. As expected, due to the generally complex nature of fluid flow the results can be equally complex. Our expertise with CFD allows us to present the results and quickly generate various studies to investigate different flow conditions or design features:


Visualize how various fluid streams flow through or around your design.

Fluid Properties

Visualize how various fluid streams flow through or around your design.

Particle Studies

Determine how different particulates will behave when present in your flow stream. Details include collisions with your solid body design and gravity effects.

Heat Flow

Visualize and accurately measure heat flow anywhere in your flow stream or solid body.


Determine mixing ratios anywhere in the flow stream when more than one type of fluid is present.

Clone Studies

Once a model has been prepped for simulation, clones can be quickly created to allow multiple studies. Each study can be easily varied to look at various combinations of flow conditions or design features.