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Areas of ExpertisePlant Layout

3D Visualization

Innovex exclusively uses three dimensional engineering tools for plant layout projects. The extra time required to set up a detailed 3D model is more than offset by the clarity, flexibility and accuracy of the drawings and views we can then create. This decision has repeatedly proven to provide us, our clients, and our clients’ customers with time and cost savings.

Space Claim

The three dimensional model provides us with another degree of accuracy in allocating space for equipment and building infrastructure. We start by laying out the most critical pieces of equipment and the biggest space users. Each component has its own individual needs for clearance, personnel access, vehicular access, climate control, and its own inlet and outlet locations. By carefully documenting these requirements, Innovex is able to quickly generate complete layouts. We rely on our team’s diverse backgrounds in site servicing, structural, power transmission, material handling, mechatronics and process engineering to help our client decide on an optimal layout.

Process Layout and Simulation

A further benefit of 3D design is the ease of which we can transition components into a finite element analysis (FEA) environment. Using advanced computational simulation, we are able to find solutions to any unique problems that inevitably arise during the development of a facility.

Assembly and Construction Visualization

Once we have the facility fully defined, we begin establishing an installation strategy. We compare each component with available building openings, ramp locations, vehicle access and lifting capabilities. Combining this information with known delivery schedules establishes an assembly order. Yet again, our up-front time investment into a 3D model pays off by allowing us to visualize the plant through each construction phase before work even begins.