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Case StudySheet Roll Lift Bar


Our client produces various styles of storage containers primarily used in the oil and gas industry. The majority of their products are manufactured and assembled in-house. In most cases moving the product around on the shop floor requires the use of specialized heavy equipment.

Business Problem

Large sheet metal rolls are required to be moved from storage to process equipment. The current method of transport is not efficient and it often damages the outer and inner layer of the rolls resulting in scrapping useful material.

Technical Problem

Working closely with our client’s shop we needed to design and analyze a suitable lifting bar to effectively move the heavy rolls in the shop. We also needed to tailor this piece of equipment to their shop and existing equipment that would be used during the transportation of these rolls.


We first met with the client to review the design needs including review of preliminary sketches done by the client. Working with the client we identified critical dimensions and had verification measurements taken onsite. The initial design and CAD model were developed with all the client inputs in mind and in part by following ASME Below-the-Hook requirements.

During the next step we came up with several iterative concepts and arrangements which were discussed with our client. As the process of elimination progressed we were able to narrow it down to only a couple of concepts.

3D CAD model of final design.

3D CAD model of final design

Using our expertise in Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and in combination with basic engineering principals and calculations we were able to convert the concepts to actual working 3D models. This process allowed us to eliminate concepts and left us with a single final design.

We supplied our client with a complete set of fab drawings, 3D models of the components as well as a detailed FEA summary and calculations verifying that the lift bar could be used safely and effectively to move the sheet metal rolls in the shop without damaging any material during transportation.