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Areas of ExpertisePlant Equipment Design


Working closely with our clients Innovex is able to develop jigs and fixtures for most manufacturing processes. We have experience with metal removal, welding, thermal spray, fabrication and assembly/disassembly tooling. Using our experience working in many different industries and having had exposure to many manufacturing facilities we can offer a unique perspective to manufacturing challenges.

Given our mechanical design and manufacturing experience we ensure that our designs reflect the design intent of the component being worked on. With our thorough understanding of drawing requirements and dimensioning we ensure that appropriate datums and features are used to create an acceptable product.

While working on tooling projects we try to ensure that all stakeholders are involved in the design process. At a minimum we try to work with the original product designer, the journeyman or personnel who will be using the tooling as well as the individual responsible for the design approval of the product to be manufactured.

Material Handling

Innovex has had the opportunity to work on various material handling projects including: bucket conveyors, belt conveyors, trailers, carts and lifting fixtures.

As a part of our previous material handling projects we often include a motion analysis/simulation portion to ensure that our designs are going to work as intended. For example during a bucket conveyor design we simulated how the media was going to shift in and move into and out of the buckets. Performing the simulation allowed us to optimize our slopes into and out of the conveyor to reduce the likelihood of a material binding, while also keeping the velocity of the media low to reduce the wear on the equipment.

Fixed or Temporary Platforms, Walkways, Stairs and Ramps

Many of our clients are consistently working on continuous improvement and plant redesign projects. During these projects updates and redesigns are often required to personnel platforms, walkways, stairs and so on.

Commonly redesigns and retrofits are required to bring the equipment up to current codes and standards. At a minimum all new construction needs to conform to the National and Provincial building codes as well as the Provincial occupational health and safety requirements. Occasionally there are additional codes that need to be considered, such as standards established by the “Canada Standards Association” (CSA).

Innovex is accustomed to working closely with both the end user of the equipment as well as the personnel or company who will be responsible for installing the equipment. Given the size and scope of some of these projects they often need to break down into several sections to ensure that transportation and installation are economical and reduce down time as much as possible.